Sensei Jordan  Diaz
Head Instructor
Fighting Coach
International / National Full Contact Fighter
Speed, Strength, & Agility Coach
Age- 26
Experience- 19yrs (since'94)
Rank 4th degree

USA International Knockdown Fighter (London, Bulgaria)
2013 Grand Fighting Champion ( OIKKA Friendship tournament)
2011Oil City lightweight strongest man (2rd place)

Diagnosed w/Crohn's (2008)
Crohn's Spokesperson & Advocate

Life Solutions Volunteer

Sensei Jeremy Morrow

Age: 21

2nd Degree Black Belt

Head Instructor

National Full Contact Fighter

10 years of experience

Rochester International Tournament 2010: Advanced Semi-Contact 1st Place

Rochester International Tournament 2013: Novice Knockdown 1st Place

S&S Fitness Gym & Martial Arts Dojo Representative

Other interests include: Music and History

Sensei Ashleigh Grant
Age -18

Rank -1st degree Black Belt

Experience -10 Years

School - National Honors Society, 3-1-3 program
currently enrolled at Suny Brockport - Sophomore

Teaching kids since 2009, womens fight team in 2011

Other Interests: Reading, Writing, and hanging with family & friends