Shihan Alexi Gorokhov (Russian World Champion), came to the USA 3/4-3/8. With visits to our New Jersey dojos, Honbu Rochester, Holley dojo, and his final stop at S&S Fitness! His world class fighting and teaching techniques were enjoyed by all. His visit was WFKO (World Fighting Kyokushin Organization) driven, which means they are looking for future fighters! Continue to train hard and set your goals high USA IFK!
Sempai Kamil Maras traveled right into the Lion's Den!!! Samara Russia. His loss has still brought the USA to a new level of fighting! Look for more WFKO seminars and tournaments coming in 2015!

Oklahoma City here we come again:)

January 8-10th at Sensei Ellis' Dojo!

 Fight classes EVERY Sunday 12-1pm

Open to ALL students and ranks

Need to have proper safety equipment

    Mouthpiece, groin protector, shin & instep pads, hand gear, & head gear


* These classes are also open to all schools & styles. Come train in a safe and fun atmosphere. As a USA/IFK Fighting Affiliate school, you also have the potential to join our fight team! Ask Sensei Scott for more details!

Off site seminars taught by Sensei Scott

Endicott Fight Clinic 2/1

Oklahoma City Fight Seminar 3/1