We offer an array of fitness classes that will help bring variety to your workout and keep you coming back for more!!  All of our fitness classes are instructor led and paced for ages 14 & up.  Not sure if you can keep up?  Don't worry, our instructors always offer modifications throughout the class in order for EVERYONE to get a great workout.  Fitness classes are a fun way to really sweat and tone muscles to make you look and feel GREAT!!   Not interested in a gym membership but want to take fitness classes?   Try a class for just $4!!


ABS Class

This class is a 30 minute workout completely devoted to your abdominal muscles!! Develop a 6-pack in no time with some new and traditional ab exercises

Tuesday Nights 5:30-6:00


Aerobic Kickboxing

Aerobic kickboxing is a fun, kickin' cardio workout that really packs a punch!  This 45-minute instructor led class consists of kickboxing techniques done in rhythm to music with a go at your own pace atmosphere.  Our instructors lead the way with beginner to advanced movements for everyone to get a GOOD workout no matter what your age or ability is

Thursday Nights 6:00-7:00


Boot Camp

Our boot camp is a total body workout committed to getting you the results you are looking for with a hardcore instructor that will push you to work HARD!

Monday Nights 6:15-7:00


Extreme Fighter Workouts

Interested in Fighting, Boxing, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts or UFC?  Now you too can workout like the fighters you love to watch!

Friday Nights 6:45-7:45


Total Body Workout

A fitness class based on working your total body. Arms, Legs, Abs & TONS OF FUN!!!!

Something different every week!

Saturday Mornings 9:30-10:15


Senior Stretch and Tone Class

Our senior stretch and tone class is for seniors looking for a fun, light, instructor led class to stay healthy and fit to prolong longevity and good health

Monday and Wednesday Mornings 9:00-9:40


Speed, Strength, & Agility Classes

We have a 100% success rate! That means EVERY athlete who has trained in our clinics have improved their performance!  We offer individual sessions in addition to team clinics! Get your team back in shape and ready for the season or use as off-season training to keep your team together and motivated!  Call to set up your first assessment! 


Yoga  (No Classes June-August)

Yoga consists of a series of postures and breathing exercises to benefit the body by increasing flexibility, strength, balance, posture, lung capacity while decreasing blood pressure and decreasing stress.  Yoga can also help connect your mind to your body through increased awareness of breathing and concentration.  Our instructor led yoga class is for anyone at any age.

Wednesdays 4:30-5:15



Dance your way to fitness with our Zumba classes!  Zumba is a one hour Latin dancing cardio workout that uses intervals of fast and slow rhythms to help you burn fat and tone your body.  It's a great way to change up your cardio workout where you will laugh as much as you sweat! 

Tuesday Nights 6:00-7:00 and Saturday Mornings 10:30-11:15

MMA Classes

Sundays 12-1 and Thursday @ 7:15- 8:15