Special thanks to GrandMaster Chris Chase on his teaching seminar! Check out our facebook page for Pics. We look forward to having him back soon! Psst…he mentioned a potential ISSHIN RYU WORLD TOURNAMENT in the works! More to come…

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The official IFK USA Website can be viewed at: 

Just a quick note to thank everyone for contributing food items to our local Life Solutions. Every week we are able to make a contribution to this worth while program. Lets keep it up!

 IFK World Tournament in London, England April 6th 2013


  • Sensei Scott Haug - Got a bi first round, won first fight, lost second fight
  • Sensei Jordan Diaz - Lost first fight
  • Sempai Jackie Porter - Won first fight, lost second fight
  • Sempai Brandi Cooper - Got a bi first round, lost first fight
  • Sempai Kamil Maras - Got a bi first round, won first fight, lost second fight

Awesome job from our USA fight team! Sensei Scott and Sempai Kamil both finished in the top 16. Sensei Scott also defeated  the Shinkyokushin All-Japn Champian in his first fight! Find other IFK news and events at the official IFK USA website: 

 New Boxing Ring 2013!

A new boxing ring was installed in January of 2013. This 16' by 16' stage gives boxers and fighters a chance to gain experience in a real fighting ring. Fight classes are hosted on Sundays from 12 to 1 PM.