Assistant Karate Instructors
Sensei Andrew Witchen
2nd Degree Black Belt
I am 14 years old and currently a freshman at Brockport High School. I have been studying karate for 8 years and received my Black Belt in December of 2012. I compete in tournaments local and out of state with the fight team. My long term goal is to make our international fight team and go to London. Some of my outside interests are skateboarding and bmxing. I love to travel.

 Sensei Jenna Grant
Age- 15
Experience- 9 years
Rank- 2nd degree Black Belt
Training- Fighting semi contact since 2007

Accomplishments: Karate- 2012 fighter of the year, womens fight team,teaching karate since 2010
1st place semi contact 2013 (women's Lt. weight)
2nd place semi contact 2013
1st place semi contact 2012
1st place semi contact 2011

School- Excelsior student
outside interests: bowling,movies, football,and travel

Sensei Anthony Gugino
Age: 14

Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt

Competed in many local and out of state tournament

Play JV Baseball

Sensei Felicia Ciccoline
1st Degree black belt

Sensei Jack Sweeney
1st Degree Black Belt