Senior Instructors

Sensei Bethany Gill

4th degree Black Belt
Age 26

Training since the age 0f 6

S&S Fitness Gym & Martial Arts Jr's Full Contact fighting champion.

Winner of multiple kata, weapon, & point fighting tournamaents

Graduate of Brockport High School - NHS member

Straight A student

Graduate of SUNY Brockport - Physical Education / Health

Teacher at Churchville-Chili

Softball Coach & Swimming Coach 


Master Kelly Cere  

7th Degree Black Belt

30 years of training in Isshin Ryu Karate

Kelly has Competed for over 25 Years both nationally and internationally. She has won over 100's of first place trophies. She has had the honor of going to Okinawa Japan 3 times to train personally with Grand Master Angi Uezu and continues her training with Grand Master Chris Chase.

Outside of karate, Kelly is married with four children. She works full time as a Engineer at Kodak alaris.and in her spare time volunteers with her Therapy dog at schools.

Sensei Scott Haug Jr.

4th Degree Black Belt

Age 20

Training since the age of 3

2013 Full contact champion - Hilton Tournament

Winner of Multiple kata, weapon, & fighting tournaments

Graduate of Brockport High School - NHS member

Varsity Baseball Player

Straight A student

Presently a student at Clarkson University - Majoring in Aeronatical Engineering / Mechanical DEAN'S LIST

President of the Clarkson University Martial Arts Club

Senesi Taylor Haug 

1st degree Black Belt

Age 17

Training since the age of 3

Winner of Multiple kata, weapons, fighting tournaments

Presently a Senior at Brockport High School

Varsity Basketball player

Varsity Baseball player

National Honor Society (NHS) Member

Straight A Student

Sensei Jerry Ciriello
Age 54 Began training in 1992 6th Degree Black Belt in Isshin Ryu Karate under Hanshi
Cyndy Jones of Collamer Jones Karate, Bergen, NY Instructor Certification from Cyndy Jones in Kali
(Filipino Style) and Jeet Kun Do (Bruce Lee's Style)