2015 Biggest Winner Holley Central School District asked S&S Fitness to come down and do a fitness class.

25 participants worked out S&S STYLE!!!!

Pictured; Shihan Mike Monaco, Russian World Champion Alexey Gorokhov, & Sensei Scott. Shihan Monaco brought the Russian team to Niagara Falls after the tournament...and stopped by our dojo on the way home. Shihan Gorokhov was VERY impressed with our school. He stated, "This is where CHAMPIONS are forged!" OSU!!!
August Testing
Congratulations to the following students:
Promoted to ORANGE BELT - Kenny price &Brent Carpenter
Promoted to GREEN BELT - Dakota Gamet
Promoted to BLUE BELT - Dylan Bermudez & Zakari Noah
Promoted to BROWN BELT - Leia Thibaut
Promoted to SHODAN 1st Degree Black Belt - Austin Marga, Josh Barrett & Jack Sweeney
Promoted to NIDAN 2nd Degree Black Belt - Anthony Gugino, Ashleigh Grant, Jenna Grant & Andrew Witchen

Saturday, August 9th, proved to be one AWESOME day! 3 1/2 hours of basics, sparring combinations, katas, weapons, fighting, and breaking! The test also had some of the students fight Sensei Scott FULL CONTACT with NO PADS!
EVERYONE did an outstanding job and earned their belts with honors!
Zumathon 2014. Many thanks to everyone who help make the Zumbathon a success.
None of this could be possible without you!!
On Sunday October 12th, Sensei Serge Gagne traveled from Quebec Canada to Hamlin New York to test for an "official" rank in Isshin Ryu. Sensei Serge has had experience and rank within the Kempo community, but when his dojo closed, he was left without an instructor. Sensei Serge had the opportunity to see some Isshin Ryu katas on video performed by Grand Master Angi Uezu and was instantly hooked! Sensei Serge to his credit learned all of the Isshin Ryu katas by himself! A prior visit to Hamlin, New York gave Shihan Kelly Cere the chance to review his katas and technique, and give him a few things to work on. Sensei Serge then "tested" in front of a panel of Black Belts that included, Shihan Kelly Cere, Sensei Scott Haug, Tae Kwon Do Master Todd VanAucker, and 3 Full Contact fighting champions. His 2 hour test included katas, weapons, fighting, and finished with tamishiwari. Sensei Serge Gagne completed his test with honors achieving the rank of NiDan - 2nd degree Black Belt
Guests from 2 New Jersey Schools came up and trained the entire weekend! Pictured are Lorinc Zord, Sensei Brian Metz, & Jessica Gano. They trained at the honbu Saturday morning for 3 hours. They then finished their weekend off with our Sunday FIGHT CLASS that had students from 7 different schools. Each of them sparred over 30 rounds! Congrats to them!!!
Salvation Army Red Kettle Event 2014
USA/IFK Testing at the Holley Dojo. Congrats to everyone on their promotions! SENSEI KARL did an outstanding job earning him the new rank of SENSEI - 3rd degree Black Belt! Pictured to the right is the kids testing.