S & S Fitness and Martial Arts Center

NEW!!!! Long sleeve SUPERSOFT T-shirt - $20
Order apparel and have it shipped right to your door!
Contact us via phone or email!
We accept ALL major credit cards!

Sweatpants - $35
Hoody - $35
Kyokushin Gi embroidered - $89
Gym bags w/ S&S logo; 3 sizes to chose from! $25, $30, $35
All T-shirts $15
Fighter Gloves $59.99
Cloth Shin Pads $21.99

NEW - Long sleeve Tshirt $20

Discounted Apparel, gear, supplements & training equipment - Sponsored by
"Don't Be Denied" Motivational Sports Apparel and S&S Fitness Gym & Martial Arts Center! More Pics to come!!

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