Sensei Sam Marrocco
Age: 24
Rank: 2nd degree Black Belt
Years experience: 10+

Karate: Head instructor, Womens Fight Team 2005-2006, Knockdown Fighter 2013, 1st place women's heavyweight 2012

Accomplishments: Disney 1/2 Marathon, Rochester Flower City 5k

Outside Interests: travel, hockey, movies,and reading
Currently enrolled: GCC
Sensei Erich Burroughs
Head Instructor
2nd Degree Black Belt
Specialty - Kid classes

Additional expertise... weapons

Karate Birthday Host /Instructor

Sensei Tracy VanAmeron
2nd degree Black Belt

15 years experience

Point fighting expert
Scott Cordaro

Full Contact Karate Fighter

Scott has won multiple fights and tournaments in a variety of fighting arenas. In addition to fighting, he is also a training partner for the USA/IFK International Fight Team. When he is not training for a fight,he continues his training and also assists in coaching at S&S Fitness!

Train with become a champion! 

 Sandy Haug


Aerobic Instructor 17yrs experience

Boot Camp Instructor

Total Body Workout Instructor

Kickboxing Instructor

Workout/Weight Loss Coach

Senior Class Instructor

Karate Instructor

Personal Trainer


Kickboxing Instructor - 16yrs experience

ABS Instructor

Boot Camp Instructor

Total Body Workout Instructor

Workout / Weight loss coach



Zumba Instructor

Yoga Instructor